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We have been around since 2012.

and we regret to grow-up…

We work with emotions, that´s all.

Not just clothes.

During his adolescence, David Méndez Alonso dedicated himself to tagging Outsiders Division wherever he went, specifically in Galicia, in the north of Spain. Years passed while he accumulated piles of canvases and notebooks obsessed with art and the idea of ​​being able to live from it. Underground graffiti and comics laid the foundations for a peculiar aesthetic and sensibility full of references of subcultures, folklore, punk and rebellion without any fear of not fitting in the mainstream art system.

After the passage of time, Outsiders Division was born in an art gallery on September 12th 2012 in Barcelona. In its beginnings, the brand only designed caps and accessories until 2016 when participates in its first fashion week in Madrid, consecutively winning two editions of the best Nobel collection. During those years, we have designed collections and collaborations adding a long list of garments to the brand Imaginary.

Our main pillars are color, fantasy and joy.

We design clothes for that grandfather who is a child or for that child who is a grandfather, or rather, for all adults who have not grown up yet.

and we regret to grow up....

Designed in Barcelona.

We are a tiny team of 4 people and we work from our studio in Barcelona. Our way of working is very simple, we only design what excites us and works, and we always listen to you who are the ones who make us exist. If you are reading this, you are important to us. Being a small company allows us to produce few units in family workshops and factories. There is almost no product that we do not know what its manufacturing process has been, and it is only by having direct contact through whatsapp with all our suppliers. This is how we create relationships based on respect, waiting, patience and mutual dialogue. We can pay fair prices to our suppliers because you value our products and pay for them, it's that simple.

We would like to imagine a world where we only buy what we need and get excited about without harming the planet. We are on the sustainable journey, all our knitwear comes from organic cotton, all the polyester shirts come from recycled materials, we also use organic cotton for all crochet pieces. Still, only 65% of our products come from recycled & organic materials. There are processes that are still extremely harmful, such as dyeing and sublimation. Our way of counteracting this is by producing a maximum of 120 units per garment.
And above all, the most important thing, only produce what is necessary, be sure of what works and avoid reaching sales.

Even so, we continue to improve and prioritize the origin of our fabrics when we manufacture and we will continue to incorporate recycled fibers.
We believe in having respect for the few resources we have left and not continuing to deplete nature. We feel privileged to be independent to make our own decisions, and we believe in producing less and better.


The Outsider behind the brand.

David Méndez Alonso

David Méndez Alonso is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer with a special sensitivity and aesthetic towards colour. He was born in 1988 in Galicia, north Spain.

Transgressor of reality and emotions and, under the motto “ the beauty of error” David’s work brings us closer to worlds of dreamlike fantasy where he unleashes his particular imagination in projects where he designs, draws, sculpts, installs, recreate, paint and play without fear or limits.

Self-defined as ‘Outsider’ in 2012, he decides to create his own brand ‘Outsiders Division’ with which he presents several collections each year that includes fashion shows, campaigns and a long list of products, clothing and accessories. He has worked for brands such as Adidas, Converse, Nike, H&M, Levi’s, Pull&Bear and Reebok developing and designing projects for each of them.

His career also includes exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Monterrey and Paris. If you want to know more about him, please check or @davidmendezalonso

Since 2020 you can find our products around the world.

Our stockists.

We thank all the spaces that have trusted Outsiders Division.

We are happy to say that our products are beginning to appear in stores of cities as Spain, Germany, Holland, Chile, South-Korea, France, Singapore and Portugal among others. And we hope that little by little more points of sale will be added being able to reach many corners of the planet.

If you want to stock our products at your store our need to check our wholesale catalog, please feel free to email us at

Thanks for reading us.

We celebrate emotions, imagination and nostalgia to design quality clothing and find the outsider version of ourselves.

We enjoy to work with artisans and bring back forgotten techniques and disciplines made by hand, we are inspired by art, not fashion. Outsiders Division invites us to exalt the unique self into our inner child that we are and seek a new harmony: brave, sincere, colourful. Our clothes are for everybody who denies the reality and refuses to grow-up.

Fuck fashion, Let’s art!

An Imaginary inspired by nostalgia and colours.


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