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All the clothes are made by people.

Northen-Spanish Shirts & Trousers Experts.

In the north of Spain, community of Asturias, is located he workshop where we produce most of our Made in Spain items.
These three ladies that appear in the photo are responsible of all the shirts, jackets, trousers and pieces of The Laboratory line. They have been sewing for more than 3 decades being specialized in menswear shirting. Almost all the knowledge we have we owe to them. They are in charge of the process of cutting and sewing the garments to deliver a fineshed product. They have reliable workshops to scale sizes and make adjustments.

They have saved our lives on numerous occasions by re-operating incorrect productions from another factories.

Making clothes since 1990

Crochet & Artisan Jobs

Working with organic Cotton yarns.

Prodigy of hands from Andalucía.

We introduce you to Mari, the person in charge of turning our designs into crochet. She is based in Dos Hermanas outside Sevilla, in where where she lives with a huge orchard adorned with fruit trees, pigs, chickens and other animals in freedom, and a blacksmith shop where her husband makes iron artworks.

For us, she represents the tenacity and knowledge of a craftspersona, a deep respect for materials and a huge love for the tangible world. To her, we owe our productions of crochet appliqués, our teddy bears, our handmade embroideries and almost all the processes that involve expert hands. We feel so grateful to have her as part of our team. Working with her reminds us how important crafts are and how much they contribute to our design and imaginary.
Mari doesn't know what an NFT is, her work needs to be touched, smelled and observed closely.

Colourful small Sweaters productions.

Knitting our dreams.

In the city of Dongguan in China is located Evan´s knitting factory, Teayiban Clothing Co.

For those of you who do not know much about China, Dongguan it´s mainly a clothing-producing city, and for this reason new workshops specialized in small are appealing, with a more complex production aproach and more contemporary design vision.

With them we make our knitted products with several colors and complicated constructions, their machines allow us to test many prototypes until we get what we are looking for. Once again, we have taken advantage and feel grateful of the wisdom of our suppliers.

We make productions of 60 sweaters and never more than 150 units. Managing less aggressive timings allows us to be able to ship boxes by train with margins of 2 months, having less environmental impact.

Knniting China Suppliers

Pakistan Patchwork Makers

The Fifth from Sialkot.

Signature Patchwork Fabrics.

In the city of Sialkot, in the north of Pakistan, is where Umer and his team work making small productions for independent european brands.

We have found them after several failed attempts to develop our Patchwork fabric made with leftover scraps. Their tradition and knowledge allow them to sew linear Madras fabrics with an excellent finish. We feel lucky to be able to bring their knowledge to our products. Since very recently we have started to make some prototypes and small economical productions, although sending fabrics and materials from Europe greatly increases prices. We keep a daily communication with their team by whatsapp and videocalls.

Working with a family owned business allows us to know where we put our money.

Introducing Angélica, our dream-clothes maker.

Made in Barcelona.

Angélica has been with us since 2013 doing all kinds of projects. She has helped us to bring to life oversized beanbags, wall hangings, rugs, huge plush toys, sculptures, set pieces, and other pieces for personal projects.

She has sewn almost all the garments for the shows held between 2016 and 2018. She has made prototypes and is our trusted person for special pieces, tailored suits, customized garments and varied challenges. Her workshop is 10 minutes from ours, making communication much easier. With Angelica we have shared many hours sitting with watching her sew while she told us stories, with her, we have also learned something as basic as cutting and iron a shirt, she is a very important person for us. Her father was a tailor and that has allowed her to learn such a complex trade from up close by applying all the experience of someone who has known how to sew since she was 16 years old.

In 2018, she closed her workshop that delivered medium-scale productions to local brands to focus only on producing extremely complicated prototypes for fashion students. She is also sewing at Chanel store making custom adaptations.

Fuck Fashion, Let´s Art!

Doungguan Knitters

Proudly quality knitting from China.

A Journey through Knitting Suppliers.

Continuing our connections with Dongguan, we introduce you to Frast Industrial Co, a factory specialized in large runs of knitted products, mainly sweaters and scarves.

With them we make our larger productions and can get better rates. We use the same materials and cotton yarns in all of our products, only the construction changes. This supplier makes simpler garments with fewer colors as they prefer to keep a big volume. We are also proud to be part of their client list.


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